A Family history


    Gerhard Gotleob Vogel was born March 28, 1921 in Germany. He grew up in the town of Leipzig, Anger Crottendorf DDR. He met Wally Blankenburg and married her in February 17, 1943 in Frankfurt An Der Oder, DDR. They had a son in 1944 and named him Klaus Peter (goes by Peter).

    When his son was 6 months old, Gerhard was enlisted as a courier for the German Air Force where he was shipped out through Poland to Russia. While in Russia, he was captured and worked in a Russian coal mine near Stalino until his release in 1947.

    Gerhard returned home and taught as a school teacher. While teaching, he learned the secret police were coming for him, so he concocted a plan to deceive the villagers and the police that he was leaving his wife for another woman. He left during the night and crossed to the border to arrange travel to America. Through quite an ordeal, his wife and son later traveled to the border and was helped across by a West Germany Border Patrolman.

    A few years later, while living in Georgia with his wife and children, he was asked to write about his experiences during his capture while in the war. He wrote an article for the Atlanta Journal  Constitution Magazine in 1954 describing his time in the coal mine.

Gerhard Vogel

1921 - 1988

Born in Germany and served in the German Air Force during World War 2, he left his country for a better life in America.

The life of Gerhard Vogel